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Video Production: Studio Itinéraire


Credits:  Directed By François Bonenfant

                 Cameras: Ahmad Yousif, Françcois Bonenfant and Louisynio Michel

                 Produced By Ahmad Yousif

                 Video Editing: François Lamarche

                 Subtitles: Martine Frossard,  François Bonenfant


                  Sound Boom Operator: Odney St-Fort

                  Sound Mixing: Ahmad Yousif,François Lamarche


Music Production: By Real D For Rivernile Productions, Kevin Bryce, First Rebirth


Video Production: Patro Le Prevost

Credits: Directed By Ubano

               Supervised By Yasin

               Cameras: Ubano

               Video Editing: Ubano


Sound Mxing: Ahmad Yousif, Mathias

               Music  and Ambiance: Ahmd Yousif, Mathias, annomys music producers

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